Thursday, April 11th, 2013

The Fat Loss Factor

The Fat Loss Factor

Web page: www.fatlossfactor.com

It won’t happen overnight or without a little sacrifice, but The Fat Loss Factor WILL provide a proven blueprint to sustained weight loss that includes the following:

* Complete Healthy and Delicious Meal Plans and Shopping Lists
* 2 Sample Exercise Routines for Maximum Calorie-Burning
* Comprehensive Detox Program Including Water Retention Purge
* 6 Calorie-Busting Exercises
* List of 15 Fat-Burning Superfoods
* Stress Reduction Techniques to Lower Cortisol Production
* List of Fat-Burning Supplements
* Over 100 Pages in All and Guaranteed Fluff-Free

Just look at this compilation of stuff included in the product:

Not bad.

The program offers you the real facts based on results from actual people who have gone ahead to tell the success story after following the weight loss program, without any side effects whatsoever.

The Fat Loss Factor details a list of the strategies you need to employ in order to completely do away with those bad habits that continue to drag us deeper into the hole we are trying to escape from. These include habits like food binges, emotional eating, as well as food consumption into the late hours of the night. Sounds familiar?

You will learn how your everyday stress levels impacts on your weight gain and how to curb it (Mind over Fatter), learning to control overfeeding during meal times (Portion Patrol), recipes that will help you satisfy those carb cravings, easy ways that will help you avoid over-snacking, food additives that make you fat, and for those all too aware of unsupportive spouses, you will learn tips to help you overcome this.

One of the great things about this program and what sets it apart from many that attempt to achieve a similar feat is that it has been developed over the years with real cases of thousands of people. This is not just theory but everything in it is living proof of weight loss success cases.


To get a clearer picture, here are some of the ‘truths’ that you’ve been made to believe all along but in fact are nothing but myths. Myths that have left you with little hope of overcoming your weight problem.

..your being fat is due to genetics and you can’t change this.

Wrong! It’s true that genetics may influence whether you become fat or not, but this is not to say that you too will remain like this for the rest of your life. There are many examples of people who have overcome the genetics issue, and this can be attested by the thousands who have tried out The Fat Loss Factor program.

…you will never lose fat because you have an overeating problem-again.

Wrong! There are times you will find yourself eating because of stress. Other times when you are depressed, sad, scared, anxious, nervous you name it.

The program has a huge section on ways you can manage your stress because this is a prevalent issue affecting not just you, but millions of people out there. Sugary, fatty foods – your body demands them in order to make more stress hormones. When you find yourself in this state, don’t fret. It is a vicious cycle that’s hard to break and you will learn in detail how you can get rid out of it.

…belly fat will be lost through crunches and sit-ups.

Wrong! Ever wondered how those years you’ve spent doing these exercises never bear any fruit? The reason is because these old-fashioned ways will never make you lose fat, they just build the muscle underneath it pushing it out even further.

…weight loss involves giving up your favorite foods.

Wrong! That’s what we have all been made to think.
What we are not told is that some junk foods are good for your metabolism and you don’t have to completely eliminate them from your diet.

I also think it’s fantastic that you get a full year of personal email coaching and lifetime updates.
Considering the nature of this product, that should be standard in the industry, but sadly, it’s not common.

Whats bad about the product? Nothing really. It’s a solid product.

Web page: www.fatlossfactor.com

Price: $47 with a 60 day money-back gauarantee.


Thursday, April 11th, 2013

The Alkaline Diet

The Alkaline Diet

Product page: www.alkalinediet.org

The product is actually called Acid Alkaline Balance Diet – but the webpage is at www.alkalinediet.org.

An Alkaline Diet aims to reduce the alkalinity in the blood maintaining it at the optimal 7.35-7.45.
It does this by emphasizing on intake of an array of citrus fruits, fresh veggies, nuts, legumes etc.
It also achieves this by discouraging the consumption of grains (many are not aware that these should be limited as well) meat, dairies, as well as too much salt.

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Fat Burning Furnace

The Fat Burning Furnace is a weight loss program, created by Rob Poulos, that combines diet and exercise.

Product page: www.fatburningfurnace.com

The full Fat Burning Furnace program consists of 3 e-books (The Fat Burning Furnace main e-book, optional Blowtorch Training Manual e-book, and Advanced Workout Logs e-book), a Metabolic Rate Counter, a Body Fat Analyzer and a series of online training videos. The 3 e-books are downloadable while the Metabolic Rate Counter, Body Fat Analyzer and training videos are viewable online.

If there was one core sentence of the book – it would be these three :)

“..enormously powerful secret to getting the body you want”

“Just one more pound of muscle added to your body will require an extra 40-50 or so calories per day to keep it alive. Just think if you add 20 pounds of lean muscle tissue

    …you’re automatically burning an additional 800-1000 calories per day, just sitting on your behind watching TV or at work! And guess what happens when you’re burning more calories than you need to maintain your current bodyweight? You have a calorie deficit, and your body begins to shed fat.”

In other words – the long term effects of exercise are *massive*.

In addtion to the long term effects , the exercise will also directly boost your metabolism for period that extends longer than the actual workout as your body will need to burn calories to repair the muscle that is ‘broken down’ during your weight training exercises. This repair process will take 24-48 hours during which your body will be continuously burning calories.

Now, you could take this information and use any weight training system you want, but Robs workout is special

Unlike other training programs that ask you to perform 3-4 sets of each exercise, Rob only asks you to perform a single set. That’s it!
The thing that sets Robs sets apart is the rep execution speed. You are expected perform each exercise at a specified tempo. For example; 3 seconds to lower the weight and 4 seconds to lift the weight. This makes a lot of sense in terms of pure mechanics, as it tends to put much less stress on your joints end lower the risk of injury.
It also means that you workout will be short. No hours slogging away at the gym. Just 15 minutes per day, three times a week.

Another big secret Rob has found is that you can achieve outstanding cardiovascular health with the type of strength training recommended in his book by mimicking the
style of interval cardio…keeping the intensity super high and keeping rest periods between exercises on the low side.

Quoting again:

“Having practiced this exercise for many years, my resting heart rate is around 40 beats per minute, and I have astounded more than a handful of physicians when I tell them I perform little or no aerobics! It always makes me chuckle when they ask”

The book is similar to other books that focus on exercise rather than diets, and the actual diet portion is slim (pun attempted..).
There’s quite a bit of discussion about nutrients, but his stance on the matter is pretty clear as he talks about concentrating on the big picture.
Rob considers hyper focusing on the details is a a mistake since nutrition and health are the result of complex biochemical systems that not even the scientists fully understand.

So he does no go into much detail with regards to specific vitamins or grams per day, but rather discusses nutrition on a higher level, and I think that’s fair.

I really like this book.

It’s well written, easy to read and very interesting.

It’s certainly controversial at times and a excercise manual more than a dieting book, but I think that is made pretty clear to anyone who wants to buy it.

Product page: www.fatburningfurnace.com

For me – it’s a keeper.

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

Truth About Abs

The Truth about Abs is authored by Mike Geary who is a personal trainer and nutritionist.

Product page: www.truthaboutabs.com

You may be surprised when you get the program; instead of focusing on abs workouts, it focuses more on whole body exercises, metabolism and interval training.
This approach will increase your metabolism, and you’ll take less time burning the extra fat.

The book contains a wealth of information, but a few bits of information define the spirit of the book for me;

* You cannot lose fat from any specific spot you choose. Ab excercises dont necessarily burn stomach fat.
* He explains in detail why weight and strength workouts are more important in order to lose body fat than cardio. You don’t have to run for an hour. Resting Metabolic Rate is the key here.
* Don’t use weight machines – Gery explains why free weights and other tools are much more efficent at burning fat.
* Women won’t gain a lot of muscle from normal weight training. Don’t worry.
* Some excercises burn more calories than others and it’s easy to figure out which ones.

The real strength of Truth about Abs is the exercise and fitness section. Mike Geary certainly knows his stuff when it comes to developing a pair of six packs in the shortest time possible. The book contains a lot of images that show how to execute excercises that promote weightloss and that elusive six pack

The diet portion of the book is more theoretical than practical in my view.
While it has a simple meal plan outline, it does not excel at providing recipes for you to follow at home. So while the information is sound, Mike leaves it up to you as far as implementing his dietary information. But then, this is certainly not a diet ebook.

If you’re looking for a fool-proof fitness and workout routine with some sound nutritional information I highly recommend Truth About Abs. If you’re looking for a no-sweat diet plan I recommend that you supplement that bit elsewhere.

Get this book if you want to work out efficienly rather than go on a diet!

Product page: www.truthaboutabs.com

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

Fit Over 40


Fit over 40 is a very interesting ebook (with optional audios) written by Jon Benson and Tom Venuto of “Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle” teaching people over the age of 40 how to lose weight and build muscle. It’s interesting because it is not just a “do this, do that, eat this, don’t eat that” type of book. Instead it concentrates on teaching motivation and shows you a better way to reach your goals.

Product page: http://www.fitover40.com

The book consists of three separate parts.
The first part is about Jon Benson and his struggles. A fascinating read to be sure, but perhaps not my favourite part.

The second part is more interesting, especially from a motivational viewpoint, as it takes us through biographies of 52 people over 40 and how they achieved great health
In each chapter the individuals speak in their own words about “How I think”, “How I train”, and “How I eat”. You can reader can spot similarities and differences in methods – but none of them talk about book-diets ore multi-hour workouts. They discuss training ‘smarter, not harder’, lay out examples of their exact food quantities, discuss whether they supplement or not etc.

I can’t help quoting the author;

“This book is a reflection.. of 52 individuals, all from various backgrounds, ages and mindsets. You’ll find everything from high protein meat-eaters to vegans; from high-intensity, low-volume trainers to people who hit the gym every single day. No one is wrong – and your conclusions will be the right ones for you if you decide to take for yourself the wisdom found in these pages and create your own personalized fitness lifestyle. It will ultimately become your destiny, your foundation for this temporal life, and your own fountain of youth

Part three is where Tom Venuto steps in and teaches all about about the five pillars of anti-aging.

The chapters are..

  • Mind Matters: Principles of Inner Transformation
  • BodyWorks: Strength & Strategy
  • Inner Fuel: The Taste of Health
  • I Can See The Valley: New Hills, New Horizons
  • Begin And Believe
  • Post-40 Training Tips
  • The Five Pillars of Anti-Aging
    Pillar 1: Weight & Strength Training
    Pillar 2: Aerobic Training
    Pillar 3: Learning To Be Flexible
    Pillar 4: Lifelong Nutrition
    Pillar 5: Recovery And Renewal
  • Final Thoughts— The Excellence Mindset

In summary – Fit over 40, is a great read and reference book for almost anyone over 40 years old. In comparing Fit over 40 to Burn the Fat Feed the muscle, this book is less about the actual workout regimen but is much more about showing attainable role models.
If you are looking for recipies and exercises only – there are other books out there, but to me, this is a very valuable book.

Motivation is the key to lasting weightloss and overall health, and that is where this book really shines.

This is one of my personal favorite favorites.

Product page: http://www.fitover40.com


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