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Fit over 40 is a very interesting ebook (with optional audios) written by Jon Benson and Tom Venuto of “Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle” teaching people over the age of 40 how to lose weight and build muscle. It’s interesting because it is not just a “do this, do that, eat this, don’t eat that” type of book. Instead it concentrates on teaching motivation and shows you a better way to reach your goals.

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The book consists of three separate parts.
The first part is about Jon Benson and his struggles. A fascinating read to be sure, but perhaps not my favourite part.

The second part is more interesting, especially from a motivational viewpoint, as it takes us through biographies of 52 people over 40 and how they achieved great health
In each chapter the individuals speak in their own words about “How I think”, “How I train”, and “How I eat”. You can reader can spot similarities and differences in methods – but none of them talk about book-diets ore multi-hour workouts. They discuss training ‘smarter, not harder’, lay out examples of their exact food quantities, discuss whether they supplement or not etc.

I can’t help quoting the author;

“This book is a reflection.. of 52 individuals, all from various backgrounds, ages and mindsets. You’ll find everything from high protein meat-eaters to vegans; from high-intensity, low-volume trainers to people who hit the gym every single day. No one is wrong – and your conclusions will be the right ones for you if you decide to take for yourself the wisdom found in these pages and create your own personalized fitness lifestyle. It will ultimately become your destiny, your foundation for this temporal life, and your own fountain of youth

Part three is where Tom Venuto steps in and teaches all about about the five pillars of anti-aging.

The chapters are..

  • Mind Matters: Principles of Inner Transformation
  • BodyWorks: Strength & Strategy
  • Inner Fuel: The Taste of Health
  • I Can See The Valley: New Hills, New Horizons
  • Begin And Believe
  • Post-40 Training Tips
  • The Five Pillars of Anti-Aging
    Pillar 1: Weight & Strength Training
    Pillar 2: Aerobic Training
    Pillar 3: Learning To Be Flexible
    Pillar 4: Lifelong Nutrition
    Pillar 5: Recovery And Renewal
  • Final Thoughts— The Excellence Mindset

In summary – Fit over 40, is a great read and reference book for almost anyone over 40 years old. In comparing Fit over 40 to Burn the Fat Feed the muscle, this book is less about the actual workout regimen but is much more about showing attainable role models.
If you are looking for recipies and exercises only – there are other books out there, but to me, this is a very valuable book.

Motivation is the key to lasting weightloss and overall health, and that is where this book really shines.

This is one of my personal favorite favorites.

Product page:

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