Truth About Abs

The Truth about Abs is authored by Mike Geary who is a personal trainer and nutritionist.

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You may be surprised when you get the program; instead of focusing on abs workouts, it focuses more on whole body exercises, metabolism and interval training.
This approach will increase your metabolism, and you’ll take less time burning the extra fat.

The book contains a wealth of information, but a few bits of information define the spirit of the book for me;

* You cannot lose fat from any specific spot you choose. Ab excercises dont necessarily burn stomach fat.
* He explains in detail why weight and strength workouts are more important in order to lose body fat than cardio. You don’t have to run for an hour. Resting Metabolic Rate is the key here.
* Don’t use weight machines – Gery explains why free weights and other tools are much more efficent at burning fat.
* Women won’t gain a lot of muscle from normal weight training. Don’t worry.
* Some excercises burn more calories than others and it’s easy to figure out which ones.

The real strength of Truth about Abs is the exercise and fitness section. Mike Geary certainly knows his stuff when it comes to developing a pair of six packs in the shortest time possible. The book contains a lot of images that show how to execute excercises that promote weightloss and that elusive six pack

The diet portion of the book is more theoretical than practical in my view.
While it has a simple meal plan outline, it does not excel at providing recipes for you to follow at home. So while the information is sound, Mike leaves it up to you as far as implementing his dietary information. But then, this is certainly not a diet ebook.

If you’re looking for a fool-proof fitness and workout routine with some sound nutritional information I highly recommend Truth About Abs. If you’re looking for a no-sweat diet plan I recommend that you supplement that bit elsewhere.

Get this book if you want to work out efficienly rather than go on a diet!

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